Team Training


CORE offers sport specific TEAM TRAINING for any team of athletes in one session. The Professional Trainers at CORE can customize a program to meet your needs whether you are a hockey team, soccer team, volleyball team etc. With our combine training techniques, we will integrate speed training, strength training, and sport-specific training, whether that means volleyball training, pitching velocity improvement, vertical leap training, hockey training, or more, to enhance your team’s overall performance.

As many of our CORE coaches played on professional teams themselves, including the Red Wings, they know exactly what a team needs to succeed. They will work individually with each member of the team to help them improve their personal game while at the same time focusing on the communication and organization of the team as a whole. CORE team training offers performance enhancement for each athlete, and success for the whole team.

Our CORE coaches and personal trainers also know the importance of good form and prehab techniques, so they will help your team train in a way that encourages injury prevention and a healthy lifestyle while at the same time perfecting and strengthening your performance. With CORE’s experienced coaches leading your team training, you know that your team will be ready for anything.

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