Prevention & Recovery Training


At CORE, our professional trainers emphasize prehab over rehab; that is to say, they value the importance of injury prevention and lead their clients through a number of preventative training exercises. Prehabilitative Exercise is a component of all clients’ programs. Prehab exercise proactively addresses areas of structural weakness, stability, and mobility in an effort to prevent injury, alleviate chronic pain and assist in injury treatment. A skilled CORE personal trainer is responsible for identifying areas of concern, both on intake and throughout the training process. Based on this identification, the appropriate prehabilitative exercise is prescribed.

Areas commonly addressed in prehab exercise are:

  • Upper Back/Neck
  • Shoulder & Rotator Cuff
  • Lower Back
  • Hip/Knee/IT-Band
  • Ankle Complex
  • Simple and easy to perform prehab progressions are provided to clients to perform either in the facility or at home, using bands, body weight, and other simple implements
At CORE, we understand that nutrition plays a vital role in fitness. In fact, nutrition may play the most critical role in recovery, as it is responsible for building up broken down structural tissue (muscle proteins, for example) and replenishing energy stores in the muscle. Recent research has shown the most effective way to recover and adapt to exercise is to consume specific forms of simple liquid proteins and carbohydrates at specific time intervals during and around exercise. This process is referred to as Nutrient Timing.
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