• “Doing the short burst on the treadmills (Force 3 and Blade) really made a big difference. At practice Daniel skated like he was shot out of cannon.” 
    Bob Plasko – client’s father
  • “You can notice the difference in Kevin’s posture and mechanics. The training has shown results”
    Mr. Alder – client’s father
  • “The coach noticed the difference in Jack’s stride immediately after using the blade.” 
    Rob Olmstead – Parent
  • “This is the best money I spent for hockey.  You do not receive the individualized attention, like you do at CORE, at a camp.”
    Mr. Wargo – Parent
  • “I did not have abs until I started training at CORE. Thank you CORE FITNESS.”
    Charlie Solis Jr. - client
  • “You could notice the difference in the boys stride after one session on the skatemill.”
    Mrs. Leslie – Parent
  • “My hamstring strength was terrible before I started training at CORE FITNESS. The program really works.”
    Matt Gens – client
  • "CORE's hockey specific exercises molded me into a better athlete. They took my individual needs and built me a training program"
    Bill Loupee – Hockey player from Miami of Ohio
  • ''The program designed by my trainer ensured that I entered college in top shape and ready for high level competition.'' hockey player-college level
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Personal 1-on-1 Training, Motivation, Nutritional Education

  CALL 248-619-0900 to set up a free consultation and training session.





CORE Sports Fitness was initially launched as an athletic training facility where any athlete could come to develop and strengthen the core skills necessary for success in all sports. Since inception CORE Sports Fitness has had an amazing reputation as one of the pre-eminent athletic performance training facilities in South East Michigan. Over the years, CORE's distinction and notoriety has reached a national level of respect. CORE is maintaining it’s amazing Athletic Training program while now also branching out to meet more needs in the community at the same level of quality and commitment CORE is known for among athletes.

CORE Sports Fitness also focuses on wellness solutions, nutritional counseling, and personal training for non-athletes looking to lose weight, burn body fat, maintain a healthy lifestyle or meet a specific fitness goal. CORE is broadening to meet the fitness needs of everyone in the Troy area by also adding many great classes for athletes and non athletes including Boot Camp, Pilates, Core Training and even a Babywearing Intervals Class. Check out CORE’s completes class list on the class schedule page. The classes and the personal training meet the needs of all ages and fitness levels. Each person or group that trains at CORE, gets a tailor made class or session based on their needs, goals and current fitness level.

Glowing testimony from elite athletes and non athletes is enough to prove that CORE Sports Fitness is a training facility of the highest caliber. When you add CORE's dedicated and talented leadership, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and access to medical expertise rated amongst the highest in the country, it is clear that no other fitness center in southeast Michigan can come close to CORE. CORE Sports Fitness is strategically located inside the award winning Troy Sports Arena at 1819 East Big Beaver Rd in Troy, MI, immediately adjacent to Dr. Jeff S Pierce's Michigan Sports and Spine, a medical center that specializes in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

The CORE Mission

CORE is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their personal goals. Whether your goal is to be your best at your sport, improve your fitness level, achieve a specific fitness goal or lose weight and inches, our highly trained professional trainers will customize a program just for you. By evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as well as your physical limitations, we will implement a personalized program that utilizes our cutting edge equipment and focuses on developing your core skills in order to help you reach the next level.


Core Sports Fitness

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Core Sports Fitness

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